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Naturopathic Doctor

Neurology 117

Neuropathy Management - Part 1


  • Relate the effects of voltage gated sodium and calcium channels to the development of neuropathy
  • Draw the pathways specific of TRPs, NaV 1.8 and CaV 3.2 ion channels in the nervous system
  • Understand the application of selective NaV 1.8 and CaV 3.2 channel blockers in patients with neuropathy
  • Discuss basic science research that links ion channels with the signs and symptoms of neuropathy
  • Utilize the neurobiology of the Rubber Hand phenomena to treat patients with peripheral neuropathy.
  • Discuss various ion channels and their roles in neuron hyper-excitability related to neuropathy
  • Utilize natural substances that modulate ions channels related to neuropathy
  • Differentiate the roles of Protein Kinase C and Aldose Reductase  in neuropathy
  • Identify potential signaling pathways that are targets of neuromodulation through natural substances
  • Prepare a comprehensive natural-substance management strategy for patients with neuropathy

George Kukurin, DC, DACAN

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