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Naturopathic Doctor

Nutrition 158
Common Herbal and Prescription Drug Interactions


  • Quantify the prevalence rates of patients using opioids and herbal products
  • Demonstrate the significance to the chiropractor of interactions between different herbs and common prescription drugs
  • Discuss the at risk populations for interactions including the pregnant, and elderly populations
  • Record and list the most common interactions of common food and herbal products
  • Record and list the effects of the common interactions of common heart medication and herbal products
  • Demonstrate evidence that supports the use of health care providers assessing patients for these interactions.
  • Discuss the role of the chiropractor in the role of identifying these interactions.
  • Illustrate several books, and smart phone based electronic applications to make the process of identification easier for a chiropractor and patient.
  • Evaluate common case scenarios

Jennifer Illes, DC

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