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Naturopathic Doctor

Pediatrics 118
Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care for Infants


Hour 1

  • Explain the necessity of evidence for infant healthcare
  • Describe what mothers want from healthcare for their newborn?
  • Outline the need for and development of the United Kingdom Infant Questionnaire
  • Cite the outcomes of infant care in chiropractic practice and the adaptability of a parent-reported outcome measure to the infant population
Hour 2
  • Define the term inconsolable, infant irritability syndrome
  • Describe the evidence supporting chiropractic treatment for inconsolable, infant irritability
  • List the negative long-term sequelae in older children who suffered from infant colic as a baby
  • Summarize the subgroup classifications for inconsolable, irritable infants
Hour 3
  • Summarize the evidence on the advantages of breast feeding
  • Describe common musculoskeletal problems of newborns struggling to breastfee
  • Explain standard chiropractic protocols for the sub-optimal feeding infant and the potential risks of treatment
  • List the most common reasons an infant will present to a chiropractic office
Hour 4
  • Summarize the evidence for the use of manual therapy in infants
  • Describe the theoretical mechanisms for the effect of manual therapy in infants
  • Outline the safety of chiropractic treatment for infants
  • Identify the major safety concerns in the treatment of infants

Joyce Miller, BSc, DC, DABCO, PhD

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