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Naturopathic Doctor

Personal Injury 202

Hour 1 - PI Case Management Part 1

  • Identify and avoid common PI history mistakes and liabilities
  • Recognize many keys to a quality initial PI patient history
  • Develop an awareness for the materials and tools necessary for a PI history
  • Create a plan and protocol to improve the quality and thoroughness of the PI history

Hour 2 - PI Case Management Part 2

  • Recognize common PI history red flags and contraindications 
  • Identify symptoms and clinical history for two common PI traumatic injuries 
  • Create a plan to identify and eliminate common patient errors pertaining to the PI history
  • Develop an awareness for potential med-legal issues that can arise from a PI history

Hour 3 - How to Humanize Your PI Cases

  • Create a protocol to consistently implement outcome assessments into PI cases 
  • Recognize other options and opportunities available to humanize PI cases   
  • Identify common outcome assessments utilized in PI cases
  • Improve awareness of clinical decisions that can be made from humanizing cases

S. Scott Tauber, DC, DABCO, CPC

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