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Naturopathic Doctor

Physical Diagnosis 132
Keeping up with Inflammation


  • Detect Intracellular inflammation and its effects on the entire body
  • Define Oxidation and illustrate the importance of quality anti-oxidants
  • Discover affordable tests you can easily run in your office to determine levels of oxidative stress
  • Recall what causes free radicals and discover what resolves the problem
  • Summarize environmental toxins and their realistic effects on the health of your patients, your family and you
  • Show that Insulin resistance is yesterday’s news, now it’s Hormonal resistance Analyze weight loss resistance and how to correct it
  • Analyze lifestyle choices that "pull the trigger" for epigenetics and how to reverse it
  • Describe the new catch-all term: Mitochondrial diseases. Formerly known as “no known cause, no known cure”
  • Summarize Methylation, Methyl donors, and its depletion
  • Examine cell membrane impermeability and its effect on your paradigm of health
  • Determine the role of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin D: what you should use in your clinic now to get people well

Robin Mayfield, DC

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