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Naturopathic Doctor

Physical Diagnosis 133
10 Tests You Can Use In Your Clinic Tomorrow


  • Utilize Salivary pH readings to determine the need for Fatty Acid Supplementation and dietary modification
  • Discuss Candidiasis with your patient and interpret the results of their home self-test
  • Determine if your patient is best served with a vegetarian lifestyle, and if not, measures you can take to improve their health
  • Interpret the Zinc Tally test for your patient and prescribe a treatment plan that can greatly improve the overall health and longevity of your patient
  • Measure specific blood pressure readings to demonstrate adrenal hypofunction
  • Formulate your treatment plan based upon your results Discover an affordable and simple test for Sick Building Syndrome, Toxic Mold and other toxic loads
  • Rate a patient’s need for calcium and mineral supplementation with the easily-performed Tissue Calcium Test
  • Identify important underlying factors in weight loss or gain with Barne’s Thyroid Test
  • Diagnosis an underlying deficiency that contributes to immune dysfunction, metabolic dysfunction, weight gain, skin rashes and more
  • Quickly determine a definitive need for hydrochloric acid supplementation in every patient with gastric upset

Robin Mayfield, DC

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