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Naturopathic Doctor

Physical Diagnosis 181
Lumbar Disc & Sciatica


  • Outline the congruence of the manual interventions used in clinical practice with the scientific evidence regarding the biomechanical aspects of degenerative disc disease (DDD) leading to pain.
  • Compare the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a stratified care model versus usual care for patients with sciatica.
  • Assess the value of intervertebral disc degeneration detected in early adulthood as a predictor for progression of degenerative changes as well as low back pain symptoms and disability in middle age.
  • Define deep gluteal syndrome and the deep gluteal space, as well as propose a general diagnostic pathway for this condition.
  • Breakdown the utilization of conservative treatments used in lumbar disc herniation patients successfully treated nonoperatively versus unsuccessfully treated nonoperatively.

Shawn Thistle, DC

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