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Naturopathic Doctor

Rehab 135
The Overhead Athlete: Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation & Performance Training


Hour 1

  • Recall 2 pathological pitching mechanical patterns that may lead to injury
  • List 3 injury risk factors in in the overhead athlete
  • Provide 4 injury prevention screening tests for the overhead athlete
  • With respect to shoulder strength, cite 3 metrics  that can be used as red flags to identify players who are at higher risk for incurring an injury to the shoulder /elbow
Hour 2
  • Describe 1 clinical test to evaluate anterior and posterior shoulder instability
  • List the 3 components of an evidence -based test cluster  to assess rotator cuff pathology in the overhead athlete
  • Identify 2 components in the rehabilitation program for shoulder instability
  • List and define the 3 types of shoulder impingement
Hour 3
  • Recall 2 Performance factors in pitching
  • Cite 2 return to play criteria for the overhead athlete
  • Identify one advantage of weighted ball holds
  • Identify one disadvantage of weighted ball programs

Robert McCabe, PT, OCS

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