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Naturopathic Doctor

Research Trends 121
Neck Pain Assessment, "Text Neck" and Forward Head Posture


  • Update the Neck Pain Task Force by providing a best evidence synthesis to determine the reliability and validity of clinical tests used in adults with neck pain and its associated disorders (NAD), specifically those used to assess posture, pain location and cervical mobility
  • Evaluate outcomes on seven cervical sensorimotor control tests between patients with chronic idiopathic neck pain and asymptomatic individuals 
  • Investigate the association between neck pain and cervical flexion angle during smartphone use (text neck) in adults 
  • Rank the effectiveness of physical exercise interventions for chronic non-specific neck pain 
  • Compare the effectiveness of adding either instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques or general massage to a therapeutic exercise program for patients with mechanical neck pain and forward head posture

Shawn Thistle, DC

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