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Naturopathic Doctor

Risk 144
Biosensor Data Collection, Scopes of Practice, and Preventative Medicine


  • Discuss the public’s increased use of health data-gathering devices and its effect on dispensing healthcare by professional healthcare providers.
  • Identify sources for state authority to regulate the practice of healthcare in the various states.
  • Explain states’ prohibition against the unauthorized practice of medicine and identify points where data collection and subsequent evaluation may encounter this prohibition.
  • Compare courts’ interpretations of state scopes of practice laws as they relate to the various stages of a doctor-patient encounter.
  • Distinguish data collection from activities that may include preliminary evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment - while identifying their relevance to state scopes of practice.
  • Analyze how courts interpret activities that may constitute the unauthorized practice of medicine, as distinguished from those that do not.
  • Discuss obligations to refer people to other healthcare providers based upon determinations and/or diagnoses related to observation, examination, and evaluation of collected data.
  • Distinguish boundaries regarding data collection versus the unauthorized practice of medicine.
  • Recognize the public's rights to information and free speech protections.

Peter Van Tyle, Esq

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