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Naturopathic Doctor

Risk 146
Chiropractic Patients: Obligations in the Context of Patients Rights


  • Compare the various Responsibilities that patients owe to the doctor-patient relationship
  • Describe the doctor-patient relationship as a dynamic one that relies on the active participation of patient and doctor alike, and enlists aspects of trust in order for the interaction to render optimal benefits.
  • Recognize how the Hippocratic Oath contributed significantly to the development of chiropractic patient rights
  • Discuss the historical evolution of Patients' Rights in the United States and their application to chiropractic
  • Explain the various Patients’ Rights
  • Present case studies to illustrate how patient rights and responsibilities can be applied in practice.
  • Analyze how Patient Obligations contribute to the success of the doctor-patient interaction and can favorably impact patient outcomes.
  • Explain how chiropractors’ efforts to enhance profitability could negatively impact both public perception and the bottom line.

Peter Van Tyle, Esq

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