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Naturopathic Doctor

Soft Tissue Injuries 120
Modalities: Theories, Application and Treatment


  • Explain the structural components of soft tissue.
  • Relate impact forces to functional movements of soft tissue and the development of scar tissue and adhesions.
  • Demonstrate diagnostic evaluation of soft tissue injury.
  • Differentially diagnose types of soft tissue injury.
  • Discuss the patterns of healing of soft tissue injuries.
  • Describe the diagnostic tools in determining soft tissue injuries.
  • Relate stress responses of soft tissues to development of structural and functional changes to injured tissues and their associated regions.
  • Perform diagnostic tests and order imaging to best determine injury to soft tissue.
  • Instruct the patient on correct application of ice and wet heat for soft tissue injury.
  • Perform and explain proper stretching; passive, active and postfacilitation of soft tissues.
  • Learn which therapy machines are best suited for your practice.
  • Utilize infrared and electrical muscle stimulation in soft tissue injury.
  • Apply appropriate contraindications of electric modalities to the individual patient’s care.
  • Discern between the various EMS options for each soft tissue and injury (Interferentail current, galvanic, microcurrent, sine wave, Russian stimulation).
  • Determine the most effective type of ultrasound for treatment of particular soft tissue injuries.
  • Learn the benefits and applications of cold laser therapy.
  • Understand the variety of massage therapy protocols and their applications.
  • Discuss the benefits of each form of modality with your patient.
  • Demonstrate and discuss exercise rehabilitation and muscle strengthening.
  • Apply a combination of modalities for specific conditions of the upper and lower extremities and the spine.

Linda Simon, DC

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