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Erchonia Webinar A Comprehensive Analysis of Todays Healthcare Topics
8 hrs Live Interactive Distance Based Learning
02-12-2022 10:00 AM (EASTERN TIME)

$160.00 USD

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This is a Live, Real Time Chiropractic Continuing Education TeleSeminar/Webinar. You will login to our online meeting room and connect to audio via VoiP.

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If you arrive late and/or do not meet the requirements to receive the full hours of CE for this teleseminar/webinar, a certificate for hours earned will be issued but no partial tuition refund will be given. If you register for the teleseminar and do not attend, we will place the tuition in your CE Bank or return the prepaid credits to your account so that you can apply them towards another teleseminar/webinar or online course.

Hour 1:

  • Integrate the following concepts as it pertains to laser therapy:  wavelength, frequency, speed of light, fluence, penetration, secondary and primary physiological influences
  • Contrast the differences between thermal and non-thermal laser therapy

Hour 2:

  • Conceptualize the relationship between mitochondria, free radicals, ATP, cytochrome coxidase enzyme, and laser photon therapy
  • Explain the biphasic nature of laser therapy

Hour 3:

  • Introduce evidence as to the integrative physiology between chiropractic care for musculoskeletal pain syndromes and improved systemic health.
  • Develop a neuroanatomical and neurophysiological model for the influence of spinal mechanical function with visceral neurology.

Hour 4:

  • Correlate upper cervical spine symmetry and the function of the nucleus tractus solitarius of the vagus nerve.
  • Explore the mechanical, vascular and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics as related to spinal anatomy.

Hour 5:

  • Show the history and modern-day evidence for the influence of exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic field waveforms.
  • Detail the two most plausible mechanisms of exposure non-ionizing electromagnetic field waveforms on human biology.

Hour 6:

  • Explore the various relationships from a functional neurological perspective.
  • Contrast the relationship between various neurochemicals

Hour 7:

  • Justify why many people need between 5-8 different supplements and explain why.
  • Connect the link between dietary lectins, leak gut, systemic inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

Hour 8:

  • Explain some of the physiological complications to COVID-19.
  • Review studies that explain the biological plausibility related to COVID-19.

Dan Murphy, DC, DABCO