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Nunavut Continuing Education Requirements

Nunavut Continuing Education requirements posted on this page are based upon the most up to date information available. Nunavut continuing education requirements are subject to change and therefore, Nunavut Chiropractic licensee's are ultimately responsible for being up to date with the Nunavut continuing education requirements.

Continuing education courses offered on provide Online CEU for Nunavut Chiropractic Physicians (DC). The online courses enhance the knowledge bases of Doctor of Chiropractic to enhance their clinical therapy practice. Free 1 hour approved online home study CE credit course for new Nunavut Chiropractic Physician registered users at

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  • The GI Microbiome and Autoimmunity

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    • Describe the current epidemiologic trends in autoimmune incidence, morbidity and mortality.
    • Associate the linkage between autoimmune disease prevalence and factors including the GI microbiota composition, food immune reactions, stealth infections, molecular mimicry, lack of early diverse antigen exposure, and other elements.
    • Examine the available clinical laboratory testing related to autoimmune disease risk assessment, diagnosis, and clinical management, including qPCR molecular-based evaluation of the GI microbiota.
    • Explain the difference between quantitative molecular testing (qPCR) versus next-generation sequencing of the GI microbiota in the support of clinical decision making.
    • Appraise the available evidence-based integrative and complementary therapeutic interventions for autoimmune disorders.

    David Brady, DC, ND, CCN, DACBN

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