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Animal Chiropractic - Chiropractic Doctor

Animal Chiropractic 201

Pain Presentations in Small Animals


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  • Design a patient intake procedure that aids in the identification of specific of pain processes common to small animals
  • Classify animals by signalment with regard to risk factors for certain pathologies
  • Assess an animal’s overall likelihood of having a painful physical ailment concomitant with its chiropractic condition based on history, observation and physical examination
  • Detect signs of common pathologies specific to juvenile, adult and geriatric animals
  • Propose useful recommendations for further diagnostics
  • Interpret behaviors in small animals that may be pain presentations
  • Analyze cues from gait or posture to localize sources of pain
  • Associate signs of pain in certain anatomical structures with likely pathologies
  • Point out to an owner the early warning signs of cranial cruciate ligament damage
  • Examine the animal for hallmark signs of bicipital tenosynovitis, hip dysplasia, lumbosacral disease, and tick-borne diseases
  • Differentiate between paraparesis from a neuromuscular origin and that caused by internal hemorrhage from a splenic hemangiosarcoma with just a few important history questions
  • Devise a management strategy to reduce an animal’s risk factors for osteoarthritis

Ann Seefeldt, DC, CVSMT