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Electrodiagnosis 101

Electrodiagnostic and Nerve Pathology in Clinical Conditions Presenting in Chiropractic Practice, and How They Present on Electrodiagnostic Examination


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  • Develop an understanding of the physiologic principles involved in nerve depolarization and the propagation of action potentials as they relate to Motor and Sensory nerve conduction studies
  • Identify the physiology and nerve pathology in clinical conditions presenting in Chiropractic practice, and how they present on electrodiagnostic examination
  • Classify the utilization of electrodiagnostic testing in the process of differential diagnosis
  • Develop a working clinical knowledge of the setup and recording of Compound Muscle Action Potentials, Sensory Nerve Action Potentials, F-Responses in all major peripheral nerves, as well as H-reflex testing
  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of the neuroanatomy, as well as clinical applications of EMG and Somatosensory and Dermatomal Evoked Potentials

Jeff Swift, DC, DABCN