Evidenced Based Outcomes - Chiropractic Student

Evidence Based Outcomes 202

Evidence Based Practice: Asking the Questions and Searching For Evidence


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  • Define Evidence Based Practice (EBP)
  • Identify problems/obstacles to EBP
  • Outline the process of EBP
  • Learn how to ask good clinical questions: PICO
  • Describe how to search PubMed and learn how PubMed translates a search query
  • Define MeSH terms and describe their use
  • Illustrate how to limit or broaden your search to find the appropriate content
  • Compare the results of boolean operators AND, OR and NOT

Dean Smith, DC, PhD

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Evidence Based Outcomes 201

Outcomes Assessment in Chiropractic Practice - Reviewing the Current Literature


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  • Assess the current literature on outcomes assessment in chiropractic practice
  • Describe the psychometric properties outcome measures
  • Summarize the utility of patient related outcome measures
  • Outline the various domains of outcome assessments
  • Describe the clinical significance of common patient reported outcome measures
  • Identify guidelines and recommendations for use of outcomes measures in daily practice
  • Identify clinician driven outcome measures and discuss the strength of evidence supporting them along with their clinical significance and utility

Dean Smith, DC, PhD

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