Georgia Training Course for Operators of Xray Equipment - Chiropractic Assistant

Georgia Training Course for Operators of Xray Equipment

$120.00 USD

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Hours 1 - 2
  • Understand how x-rays are produced
  • Prepare a patient to have an x-ray examination
  • Recognize basic x-ray terminology
  • Recall patient positioning and x-ray projection terms
  • Recognize new advances in the radiology field
  • Visualize the basic positioning of the views discussed
  • Identify x-ray machine components
  • Describe particular views that make up an x-ray series
  • Recall general anatomy that will be seen on a certain view
  • Discuss the x-ray technique of the views described
Hours 3 - 4
  • Demonstrate the basics of a radiographic shoulder series
  • Understand the positioning of the elbow joint
  • Recognize possible wrist injuries based on patient history
  • Recall positioning of hand, fingers and thumb radiographs
  • Summarize chest x-ray basics
  • Identify the views in a hip series
  • Demonstrate the positioning of the knee joint in a radiographic series
  • Understand the basics of ankle x-rays and injuries
  • Recall the positioning for x-rays of the foot and toes
  • Summarize the general anatomy of the lower extremities
Hours 5 - 6
  • Discuss safety measurements when taking x-rays
  • Review mistakes to Avoid when Taking Radiographs
  • Outline tips for Taking Optimal Radiographs
  • Discuss proper darkroom technique
  • Address safety measurements

Lynne Kirkutis, DC