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Management of Common Conditions 222
Return to Participation Guidelines


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Hour 1

  • Apply guidelines and recommendations for return to play associated with neuromusculoskeletal injuries
  • Discuss Return to Participation Criteria
  • Outline a Literature Review of How Primary Care Givers are performing in Return to participation

Hour 2

  • Utilize the 6 steps necessary for Return to Participation
  • Identify limitations of the Return 2 Participation Guidelines
  • Discuss specific exam/diagnostic protocols that will influence when Return 2 Participation can be initiated

Evan Mladenoff, DC, DIBAK

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Breathing Essentials 201 - 204

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  • Describe the biomechanics of rotation of a thoracic ring at the levels T1-T7.
  • Describe the biomechanics of the Cervical spine, Thoracic spine, ribs, clavicle and manubrium with elevation of the right or left shoulder.
  • Describe the biomechanics of flexion and extension at the Costotransverse joint at T9.
  • Describe the differences in motion of the mobile segments between T3 -T7 with side flexion occurring first in the Thoracic spine.
  • Describe the physiology of breathing and how altered pH can affect the body.
  • Describe two functions of the diaphragm.
  • Identify limited chest expansion and Bradcliff angles and ski jumps
  • Identify limited lateral costal breathing and how to facilitate normal lateral costal breathing
  • Describe how altered breathing patterns can alter pH and how this can affect the body.
  • Describe the autonomic nervous system and function.
  • Name three physiological consequences of respiratory alkalosis.
  • Describe suboptimal breathing patterns and their effect on the cervical spine and chronic pain.
  • Name and describe the different types of sleep apnea.
  • Describe the three levels of Apnea-hypopnea index AHI.
  • List five symptoms of sleep apnea.
  • List two treatments for sleep apnea.

Course Group includes all Breathing Essentials Courses numbered 201 through 204

Debra Dent, BPT, Dip Manip PT, OCS, FCAMPT

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