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Chiropractic Doctor

Acupuncture National Exam Prep Course

Board Review for Those Taking the NBCE or ABCA Exam


  • Compare and contrast Yin and Yang as they relate to Acupuncture theory, diagnosis and treatment
  • Explain the 8 Principles and apply them to Acupuncture diagnosis
  • Describe the interrelationships of the Five Elements, and explain their significance in acupuncture theory
  • Recall the daily time allotments associated with each organ and meridian according to the Horary Cycle
  • Distinguish the main functions and pathologies of the Yin organs
  • Recognize the main points in point prescriptions used to treat many common disharmonies of the organs
  • Identify the functions and pathologies associated with Qi, Jing, Blood, Shen and Fluids
  • List the 71 Meridians of acupuncture
  • Reproduce a chart of the most important acupuncture points.
  • Identify areas of further study needed by the student for successful performance on a national board exam in acupuncture.

James Ventresca, DOM

AudioVisual Course

$40.00 USD

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