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Holistic Health Counselor

Biomechanics 202

Foot Function and the Effects on the Core and Body Dynamics


  • Describe how the motor and sensory homunculus relate to the foot and are integral to training and rehabilitation
  • Discuss the 3 rockers of the foot
  • Give examples of problems that result from a loss of the 3 rockers of the foot
  • Explain the concept of pelvis neutrality and its effect on training
  • Describe and examine the tripod of the foot
  • Breakdown most movement into 2 basic rules or tenets
  • Give examples of the problems which can arise if the 2 basic rules or tenets of movement are not followed
  • Discuss the clinical consequences of loss of the medial and lateral tripods of the foot

Ivo Waerlop/Shawn Allen, DC

AudioVisual Course

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