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Medical Doctor

Anti Aging Certificate Program

  • Explain basic concepts of health
  • Identify the health spectrum
  • Recognize the various facts associated with aging
  • Determine the difference between sickly aging and normal aging
  • Recognize the various theories of aging
  • Recognize the most common theory of aging
  • Determine the risks associated with being sedentary
  • Identify the effect of exercise on the cardiovascular system
  • Describe how exercise affects cholesterol and cancer
  • Examine the various components of an exercise program
  • Identify which exercises are best for health and longevity
  • Recognize the relationship between exercise and antioxidants
  • Recognize basic concepts of stress
  • Establish how stress and other emotions can cause disease and ill health
  • Determine the relationship between nutrition and stress
  • Differentiate the relationship between various stress reducing techniques
  • Identify how social relationships, religion and prayer can affect health and aging
  • Recognize the negative and positive factors from consuming alcohol
  • Recognize how alcohol affects nutrition
  • Identify how smoking affects health
  • Identify the relationship between nutrition and smoking
  • Recognize the relationship between second hand smoke and nutrition
  • Identify various smoking cessation techniques
  • Identify the role of antioxidants and free radicals
  • Examine the relationship between antioxidants and heart disease
  • Determine the relationship between diet, cancer, and the environment
  • Identify various antioxidants that can affect cancer
  • Describe how caloric restriction affects longevity
  • Explore basic concepts of weight control and obesity
  • Recognize how obesity affects overall health and promotes disease
  • Identify various dietary patterns and habits
  • Determine how diet patterns affect health and promote disease
  • Explore the typical American diet pattern
  • Review the vegetarian diet pattern
  • Analyze the Mediterranean diet pattern and its components
  • Identify why fruits and vegetables are anti-aging foods
  • Determine how fruits and vegetables offer health benefits
  • Select what components of fish have positive effects on health
  • Recognize how fish affects cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • Identify how garlic affects health and inhibits disease
  • Demonstrate the role grains have in health and longevity
  • Explain the basics of fiber and how it can affect health and disease
  • Identify how nuts can positively affect health and decrease disease
  • Recognize how legumes and soy can affect heart disease
  • Relate how legumes and soy can affect cancer
  • Recognize the beneficial components of yogurt
  • Identify how yogurt can affect the immune system
  • Define what prebiotics are and how they affect health
  • Describe how chocolate can promote health and longevity
  • Explore how tea can positively affect health and decrease disease risk
  • Identify what the beneficial components of wine are
  • Determine the how and when of wine consumption
  • Explain basic concepts of water and signs of dehydration
  • List how water affects disease and promotes health
  • Identify who is susceptible to nutrient deficiencies
  • Determine the relationship between a daily multiple vitamin and health
  • Analyze how growth hormone can promote health and possibly slow aging
  • Explain the risk versus benefit of using testosterone and melatonin
  • Recognize the role of DHEA and DHEA-S on health and longevity
  • Identify the main concepts of an anti-aging strategy

Gary Italia, DC, PhD

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